Bachelor in Architecture

According to Wikipedia 2022, Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or other structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art. Historical civilizations are often identified with their surviving architectural achievements.

The founding principles of architecture, as described by the Roman writer and engineer Vitruvius in his book De Architectura (On Architecture), were firmitas,utilitas, venustas, which can be translated as solidity, usefulness, and beauty.

This program aims to produce quality graduates and highly skilled manpower needed in the field of Design, Drawing, and Project Management with the relevant knowledge required to build a nation.


Full Fee: 38

Scholarship: 10

Where 9 students are provided by Pokhara University and 1 student is the entrance topper.

Faculty Members

Full Time Faculty

Photo Name Designation Email Phone Number Specialization
Ar. Pradip Pokhrel Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, 9841884401 Modern Architecture, Commercial Architecture and Tourism
Ar. Bhumika Shrestha  Assistant Professor Urban Planning
Ar. Aman Raj Majhi Teaching Assistant 9804341555
Ar. Gaurab Luitel Teaching Assistant 9810534411
Ar. Neeti Lamichhane Teaching Assistant 9843233633
Ar. Prashant Karki Teaching Assistant 9741873606
Ar. Sabita Guragain  Teaching Assistant 9820753657
 Ar. Roshani Jaiswal Teaching Assistant 9748441779